Taffy Dugas - President

Michelle Strong - Vice President

Iberia Gatson - Advisor

Monique Monnette - Choir Director


TheNew Bethel Community Baptist Church

The New Bethel Choir brings the very best it can offer to God in worship while also presenting outstanding sacred choral works with orchestra at regular intervals throughout the year. The ensemble also exists for the mutual support and fulfillment of its membership. The Choir is always dedicated to the glory of God.

Our choir uses our musical gifts to tell about God's abundant love. We believe that we are each uniquely gifted by God to do the work of music ministry. We acknowledge that our gifts come from God and that our joy in music also comes from God. As recipients of God's grace, we seek to serve as ministers of God's grace. We serve out of a sense of gratitude to God for what he has done.

The dedication of this choir to high musical standards and consistent musical leadership in worship requires commitment from every member. The commitment to singing in the New Bethel Community Baptist Church is a commitment to the music ministry of the church and a covenant with other members that each will do his/her part as an important member of the choir.

New Bethel Adult Choir